Watch Trigger Modifications - Car Set Up

Watch Trigger Modifications - Car Set Up

Trigger Modifications - Car Set Up

FOUR Most Effective "CORE" Exercises – 2m 44s

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  • Trigger Modification - Lifting Objects

  • Desensitizer Intro

    Desensitizer are you "control system." If the hamstring becomes tight, do one of these immediately.

    The best bang for buck ones are:
    - Crappy Push-ups (progression)
    - Wall Slides
    - Bracing techiques

    I have people do these preemptively every waking hour of the day for the first few weeks.

  • Crappy Push Ups

    This video covers one way we can decrease hamstring tightness within a few minutes in many cases. The reason this works is because the hamstring is not the issue, it's the nerves as they exit the spine. This exercise can be used to keep the nerve in good health and let the hamstring chill out. Th...